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Replacing Single Pane Windows with Energy Star Double Pane Windows for Cost Savings

When you replace your windows with energy-efficient windows, you can save a remarkable amount of money each month. How remarkable, you ask?

If you currently have single-pane windows, replacing them with Energy Star double-pane windows can net you an annual energy savings of between $126 and $465 per year. If you replace existing double-pane glass with Energy Star double-pane glass, the payoff is about $111 per year.

The payoff for Energy Star improvements continues year after year. Let’s say you replace the ten windows in your two-bedroom, one-bathroom home. Each costs $125 at the local home improvement store. Because you live in a cold-weather environment, your annual savings equals $400. In about three years, you’ve paid yourself back for the cost just from the savings you netted, but you keep saving on your energy bills. That puts money in your bank account every year. It puts about $400 extra in your bank each year.

Energy-efficiency improvements to your home also qualify for federal tax incentives. You can get back up to $200 on the expense of the windows. You can claim 10 percent of the cost of the windows as long as it does not exceed $200. That means in the first year of improvements, you pay yourself back for another window and a half.

Here’s another top consideration. You make a lasting improvement to your home that raises its resale value. You’ll earn back about 85 percent of the cost of the windows upgrade at re-sale. If your home’s upgrade costs $2,000 including installation, you’ll earn back about 85 percent of that when you resell your home. That means the asking price of your home increases by $1,700.

Of course, it is not just the windows themselves that produce the savings or the resale value increase. How they get installed in your home matters, too. That’s where Boise Window Medics comes into the picture. We specialize in window installation.

Our highly-trained and experienced staff install your new Energy Star windows right the first time. We weatherize and caulk each window to ensure that no air leaks occur. Your professional installation provides you with the best-looking windows for the exterior and interior. This matters when you enjoy your home as well as when buyers examine it. You need the great curb appeal that professionally installed windows provide.

Contact Boise Window Medics today to improve your home with Energy Star windows. Let us help you choose windows that reduce your energy costs while improving the curb appeal of your home.

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