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Broken Windows Provide You a Home Improvement Opportunity

You might not think of it as an opportunity when you have a window break, but it provides you the ideal time to update your home. Upgrading your windows improves the resale value of your home, so when you must replace one, consider upgrading the entire front or side of the house that incurred damage.

Window Replacements Can Differ

You might currently have three traditional windows in the front of your home. They raise and lower to let you allow fresh air into the home. You can replace the broken window and the two paired with it with one large multi-paned window or a bay window. You could also replace it with a multi-paned bay window. You only need to fill the space taken up by the windows, but you can do it with a different window style.

Simple Home Redesign

Using a new style of window updates the entire look of the exterior of your home without a huge expense. You could purchase three multi-pane windows for about $750 or a bay window for about $900. The exterior of your home will look completely different though and you will increase the curb appeal of the house.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Today’s window materials provide much better energy efficiency than those of a decade or two decades ago. Whether you choose fiberglass, vinyl, or wood, the glass panes typically feature a low emissivity (low-E) coating that helps increase their energy efficiency. That helps lower your cooling and heating costs, so your windows pay you back for upgrading them.

Why Wait for a Break?

You do not have to wait until something bad happens to one of your existing windows. With the price of high-quality materials so low, you can take advantage of an energy efficiency upgrade anytime. Boise Window Medics can install new windows on your home construction project or replace your existing windows.

Many homeowners tier their window replacements, so that they replace one side of the home’s windows at a time. This lets them stagger the expenses. Purchasing three or four windows at a time greatly reduces the cost of materials. Boise’s labor always remains reasonable.

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Contact Boise Window Medics today to learn more about upgrading the windows in your home. We can help you determine what window styles and types would work best. You can easily update the look of your home and decrease your energy bills in the process by replacing your windows.

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