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Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging Your Home

Disinfectant fogging is often used to prevent those not sick from keeping germs and viruses at bay. It can also be used as a way to clean the air in your home after someone has recently been ill or you have had an uninvited guest, such as a bug. Generally, it is best to disinfect dog every month or so, but if there is something particularly grimy (such as after hosting a party), you can do it more frequently. Here are the advantages of disinfectant fogging:

1) Kills Germs

One of the critical benefits of having your home disinfected with fogging is that it kills germs and viruses on contact, making sure they cannot reproduce and spread to other surfaces or things in your home. That is especially useful after someone has been ill or if you are about to have guests over that are particularly vulnerable to illness, such as children, the elderly, or those with compromised immune systems.

2) Repels Insects

If your home has bugs, whether ants have built nests in your walls or bedbugs on your couch cushions, disinfectant fogging helps get rid of these insects on contact and keeps them out of your house for at least a little while, so they do not come back.

3) Kills Fleas

While this is perhaps more important during flea season than any other time of year, there are times when people may bring in fleas, whether it be because they visited a home where pets had them or were bitten by an animal that had just gotten into the house. If this happens to you, it is vital to act quickly and use disinfectant fogging as soon as possible to kill these pesky parasites before they can reproduce.

4) Air Freshener

Many disinfectants also double as air fresheners, which is excellent for any bug infestations you may have. However, it can be helpful if pet odors linger around the house after the pets have been removed or cleaned up. You can also use fogging to combat smoke smells leftover from fires or cigarettes.

5) Helps Eliminate Mold

Another benefit that many disinfectants may have is the ability to help eliminate mold on surfaces such as walls. That is useful if there has been a recent flood or if you noticed some mold growing on the wall behind your shower curtain and would like it removed so it does not continue to flourish and cause problems. Disinfectant fogging helps get rid of this problem quickly and easily- be sure you do it before the mold starts to harden and becomes more difficult to remove.

6) Helps Eliminate Odors

Along with freshening the air, disinfectant fogging can help hide unpleasant smells that might just be lingering around your home because of pets or smoke damage, for example. It will make your home have a pleasing fragrance for a while and help cover up some of the less pleasant scents that might be coming out of your vents.

7) Easier to Use on Surfaces

Finally, because disinfectants are often sprayed into the air or fogged with machines that work like regular household cleaning appliances (such as your A/C unit), it can make getting rid of germs easier than ever before. People who do not want to use harsh chemicals on surfaces such as countertops or furniture but still want to keep them clean without scrubbing them down by hand daily, so disinfectant fogging might be ideal.

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